Example 1:  Leontyne Price "Beim Schlafengehen " Strauss' Vier Letzte Lieder

Example 2:  Nicolai Gedda canta Rachmaninov II


Example 3:  José Van Dam sings Kaddish by Ravel

Example 4:  Jussi Björling, Ah, Love But A Day

Example 5:  Jussi Bjorling - "Ombra mai fu"- Atlanta 1959

Example 6:  George London sings Schubert -- "An die Musik" 

Example 7:  Pavarotti about covered sound


Example 8:  How to sing bel canto 2/2  (see 0:30-1:15):

Example 9:  How to sing bel canto 1/2  (see 3:14-3:55):

Example 10:  Rockwell Blake describes dark timbre and passaggio.flv